Excellence is a fundamental of the majority of organizations premise in current history, but few are able to be consistent with the realization of this achievement. SVF, a Venezuelan company with over 40 years of operation in the country, came with the conviction to achieve the highest standards of customer satisfaction; based on their organizational values where through perseverance, passion, integrity and social sensitivity, has become a reference of scale of commercial management where excellence more than a premise, it constitutes the cornerstone of its operation.

Characterized for being an organization that rely largely on Venezuelan human talent, it has focused since its foundation much of their efforts to certify comprehensively to your technical and managerial personnel for thus having skilled labor vanguard, which provides specialized support and personal attention to its commercial partners.
Be committed to building a long-term relationship with its customers, strategic partners, employees and shareholders, means for SVF definition continue persevering in the full consolidation of its management to continue conquering new challenges.

With a deep desire to continue to contribute in the development of all the countries where it has frequency, generating value to overcome the expectations and standards of their clients and brands represented, no doubt; SVF will continue growing and perfecting to consolidate its strategic plan.